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How Healthy Is Your Online Reputation?

Frequently I am asked by clients how do I fix the negative reviews that I am receiving. Many businesses feel hostage to Yelp and other social media review platforms.  First and foremost always listen to your clients and try to fix the problem, don’t get defensive and make sure you train your staff to do the same.

Now that your customers have the power of publishing you really need to work on satisfying their needs, even if you believe they are in the wrong.  Training on this subject is key, your staff needs to go the extra mile to prevent bad reviews.

You are probably well aware at this point clients are more likely to write a negative review than a positive review, so get pro-active in the review process and ask you happy clients to write a review of your business.

Sites such as Yelp and Insider Pages are becoming more popular by the day…and for good reason!  A listing in a social site is free publicity for your small business. (And, obviously, in my shoestring marketing mind, there’s nothing better than free!)

In addition, you begin the important process of managing and promoting your online reputation. (Don’t worry too much about that dreaded “negative review”; most of the sites have tools in place to fight obvious spam or undocumented rage.)

In addition to your business name, location and picture, include an enticing marketing message that allows your prospects to ascertain exactly how you will solve their problems.

Many small business owners are noticing that a positive reviews on the social search sites often gives them better rankings and more visibility.
As the love (in the form of positive reviews) begins to flow in, you can place these reviews on your website, blog, ezine or newsletter. The point is to let the world know what your customers and clients are saying about you. You can talk about yourself until you’re blue in the face, but your bragging won’t make much of an impact in the minds of your prospects. It’s what OTHERS say about you that’s worth its weight in gold!
Obviously, these social sites are just another form of social media marketing…and it’s important for you to be involved in the process as well!

So, go ahead and get involved in a few social search sites for added visibility, increased trust and hopefully, more leads and sales.

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