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Google Changes Local Result From 7-Pack to 3-Pack

google 3-pack imageYou may or may not of noticed the recent changes Google has implemented in the local search results, if you are no longer showing up in the local results your business will certainly feel the impact of the change.  Prior to August Google usually showed 7 local results below the map section of search results, now they are only showing 3 results.  In addition to just showing 3 results, they have eliminated the full address and are  now just showing the street, removed the phone number and Google+ links, but still has a link to the website.

We contacted Google about the change and their response is the top 3 listings got most of the web traffic so they eliminated the other 4 listings.  This is great for the top 3 positions in the local pack as their sites are going to see an increase in traffic and sales.  The other benefit we are seeing is the local pack is now showing up in the #1 position 93% of the time in comparison to 25% of the time with the old local 7-pack.

So the question is how do you get your business to rank in the local 3-Pack.

  1. Go to Google My Business and ensure NAP data is correct, as well as listing the company website, hours of operation and the payment types. Also go through all your local citations (Yelp, Insider Pages etc) and make sure the info is correct.
  2. Make sure your business categories are ones that Google recognizes like plastic surgeon not breast augmentation remove the ones they don’t recognize.
  3. Reviews are very important, as you can see from the illustration below our client is Dr. Hallak in the middle of the three pack for “plastic surgeon San Diego” and we are now working on reviews for him. His office manager was simply too busy to get this done in house.  And make sure to reply to the reviews good and bad!
  4. Photos, make sure to add photos to your Google My Business account the more the better.
  5. Social Signals play an important role, make sure you are active on Facebook and Google Plus.
  6. Organic SEO is probably the strongest signal to get you in the pack.
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