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What Does Google Want in 2015

google panda imageAre You Confused About What Google Wants?

I can remember back in the good old days of SEO how easy it was to rank a website.  Prior to 2012 all you had to do was optimize your pages correctly and build as many links as you can and you would be at top of search engines.

All of us want to be #1 for search terms relative to our business as this obviously equates to more revenue for our business.  SEO is still as relevant as it was 10 years ago for a business, but the game has changed considerably.

First off, you need to change your mindset that you are a customer of Google (unless you are paying for Adwords of Course) their customers are consumers performing searches online.   Google wants the most relevant content to come up organically in search results and local business results.

So how does Google determine if you are relevant to search queries?  Google knows that you are relevant based on signals coming and going from your website.

2015 Guide to Google Rankings:

  • Google still puts a lot of emphasis on links, but not quantity, Google is looking for high authority sites that link to your website.
  • Content is very important, adding a blog to your site and adding relevant content is important. You should write about what people are looking for online.  A great tool for this is semrush.com you can put in a search term like “breast augmentation”  and get dozens of keyword ideas to write about
  • Build a following online. Yes that means joining communities relevant to your business and writing and responding to content.  For plastic surgeons you should be active weekly on sites like realself.com answering questions.

Here is the unspoken reality of the internet that isn’t mentioned very frequently. Everything is inter-connected.

There used to be a time that Google only cared about keywords and links. Those days are long gone and it has become a more complex environment thanks to social media and the fight against spam and garbage content by Google.

But what is it going to take?

It’s going to take you knowing what business you’re “really” in, what problems you “specifically” solve and who you “specifically” solve them for.

It’s going to take time in your calendar every day to be intentional and purposeful. Once a week at a minimum you ought to write well written content that answers the questions above and brings real value to someone.

It’s going to take time reading blogs, commenting and sharing them out to your growing audience.

Do you want more traffic from Google today and in the future, regardless of what rules they make or change? If so, I encourage you to build a community that Google will love and you will never have to worry about where your website traffic will come from.


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