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Understanding SEO

Understanding SEO

The most common question we hear is “how long will SEO take?”

Seems like a simple answer but it’s not, there are many factors that go into SEO.  Did your site once rank but now is deep underwater?  Perhaps you got hit with a manual penalty or an algorithm update penalty.  See image below this is a typical algorithm penalty.

algorithm penalty

In this particular case the prospective client didn’t have a manual penalty message from Google but this is a classic sign of a site getting hit by continuous algorithm updates.  In review of this client’s site we found thousands of spammy links that needed to be removed.

Now after fixing issues with site it is back and ranking great, but you can see it took time to fix, almost 6 months and I have seen it take up to a year.

algorithm update

For many website owners or SEO managers, it can be difficult trying to figure out why your site rankings are dropping and not improving.  It may very well be that your current SEO person simply doesn’t have the right strategy for fixing your site.  You may have just a few spammy links that are holding the site back, or it may be an architectural issue.  We always start with the site architecture and go through and fix all issues.  In many cases we have found it was simply keyword stuffing that was causing problem.  Google is looking for natural verbage throughout site and this includes the title tags and meta descriptions.

SEO is about fixing current problems with site and links as well as preventative measures for future algorithm updates.  Once these problems are fixed SEO is a continuous project.  SEO is just like medicine you identify the ailments and prescribe the proper medicine or procedure to fix the ailment.  And in order to stay healthy it will require a healthy diet and exercise.

It is important to understand that good SEO takes time.  In many cases we are working with many past SEO companies that may have employed black hat tactics on your site.  This is why we always start with a site audit so you the customer understands what needs to be fixed.

If you would like a site audit contact us today.

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